I am not much of an enthusiast of the visual arts.  So my analysis may be quite clumsy in relation to normative standards of critique.   I do greatly enjoy music of all time periods and the tactile arts and although O’keeffe’s works were neither of these, they did to my estimation present vibrant sensations of harmony and structure, in some cases a statement to the lack of them. It is for these reasons that I felt drawn into her works

They seem to me as reprentations of basic simplicities of life which she see's in splendor, while others seem to carry on with life aloof to the grandeur around them.


1927 East River from the Shelton

This particular piece struck me for the contrasts between the dark and the bright areas in which they were assigned to create a statement of life in Mew York City in 1927.   The city scape is dark and dingy.  Smoke rising from the city blokes out the vibrant morning sun as it rises into the sky.  It is only where there are no man made structures where the earth reflects the splendor life contained within the natural world, the river. Here she seems to be proclaiming attention towards a largely ignored inherent treasure of life on this planet.


1940 Yellow Cactus

I find this peice fascinating. She not only is able to make a representation of a silhouetted form, that of a cactus and it's flowers. She has encapsulated texture and depth. I sense that if I were to touch the painting I may feel the tender soft bristles of the stamens within the flower or I were not careful the stink of the sharp needles which project in varying directions. Perhaos I could feel the countours of the petals which have beenn painted in such carefuly belended shades of yellow that only smell is missing from completing the illusion. Even the shadows cast on cactus from petals are present.



1919 Music Pink and Blue

I am uncertain what this is intended to represent in her conception. In me this evoles an image of a tuning fork. The soundwaves are represented here with pitch and duration corresponding to color diminishing as it moves through space.